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Articles on the management of coeliac disease

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Coeliac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity: A Clinical Perspective. Study day run by The Academy for Paediatric Gastroenterology and Coeliac UK. Alex Gazzola reports on some of the highlights from the day’s speakers. November 2014

New drugs for coeliacs – are they a good idea? November 2014

All about Marmite.... Sue Cane investigates whether the love-it-or-hate-it spread really is suitable for coeliacs – or not... October 2014

Arsenic content of rice of concern in the management of coeliac disease. October 2014

Discussion of new labelling laws for gluten-free when they cease to be regulated under PARNUTS regulations (for medical.pharmaceutical type foods) in 2016. July 2014

Diagnosis and management of adult coeliac disease: guidelines from the British Society of Gastroenterology. 2013

Dental & oral effects of coeliac disease – links to useful information. May 2014

Great blog on eating gluten-free in Bologna from Madame Free-From. May 2014

A comprehensive review of recent advances in coeliac disease by Knut Lundin and Ludvig Sollid of the Department of Immunolog at the University of Oslo. April 2014

Interesting article in the New York Times about the development of the gluten-free market in the USA. February 2014

Coping with coeliac disease: an exclusive new extract from Alex Gazzola's book, Coeliac Disease: what you need to know. January 2014

Discussion on GreenMedInfo as to whether gluten is relevant in infertility? December 2013

Gluten in the diet may increase the incidence of Type 1 diabetes by modifying the intestinal microbiome. November 2013

Discussion on GreenMed Info as to whether gluten actually damages the human brain.  November 2013

International Celiac Disease Symposium 2013: A round-up from social media and the blogosphere from Alex Gazzola. October 2013

Gluten-Free Singles - a dating network for celiacs and gluten intolerants.

Oats in the gluten-free diet. The issue of whether oats can be included safely in the coeliac diet remains controversial. Alex Gazzola examines the current evidence and recommendations and discovers that all is not as simple as it seems. August 2013

US FDA (Food and Drug Administration ) finally defines 'gluten-free' for food labeling purposes as less than 20ppm (parts per million) of gluten, in line with the EU/UK limits. August 2013

US colleges are ranked for their gluten-free provision July 2013

Five unexpected sources of gluten that aren't food from Huffington Post.  July 2013

AbbVie, a global, research-based biopharmaceutical company, and Alvine Pharmaceuticals, a leader in celiac disease therapeutics development, have entered into a global collaboration to develop an enzyme-based treatment for coeliac disease. May 2013
Also see research report here in Science Daily. September 2012

GFT @ WFM Alongside a trio of coeliac bloggers, Alex Gazzola tries out the Whole Foods Market’s Gluten Free Tour. March 2013

Is your food's packaging gluten-free? Interesting post on the FreeFom blog on biodegradable wheat-based food packaging and whether it presents a risk to those on gluten-free diets. January 2013

NexVax2 – a treatment for coeliac disease? October 2012.

The coeliac view. At a Food and Drink Innovation seminar, Sue Cane, a coeliac of five years' standing, gave freefrom manufacturers an overview of what living as a coeliac is like. September 2012

A brief introduction to the management of coeliac disease. Michelle Berriedale-Johnson introduces the key essentials. August 2012

Xanthan gum – is it a problem for coeliacs? May 2012

Is coeliac disease reversible? Long article from a Specific Carbohydrate Diet blog. March 2012

Living with Crohn's and coeliac disease. Caleigh is one of the few people in the UK with both diseases. She describes how she copes with them – and talks about her Great Gluten Free Recipe Challenges. May 2012

Sue Cane, coeliac and beer expert, muses on the beer judging session at this year's FreeFrom Food Awards..... May 2012

Would a tax break for coeliacs be a viable alternative to prescriptions? Interesting article from Canada's CNC News. February 2012

New Codex standards for gluten-free foods – and the dreaded 'may contain'. Michelle Berriedale-Johnson blogs on the new standards. January 2012

Should gluten-free food be available on prescription? Michelle Berriedale-Johnson comments in her blog. January 2012

Explaining 'gluten free'. The Food Allergy team at the Food Standards Agency explain the new regulations that came into force. January 2012

Discussion and strong comments concerning the gluten free standards from the Food Allergy and Intolerance Ink blog. January 2012

What is an acceptable amount of gluten in a ‘gluten-free’ product? Professors Catassi, Ciclitira and Fasano discuss. October 2011

Residual gluten proteins found in wine that has been clarified with wheat gluten. The research report – and comments. December 2011

Gluten-free skincare. Alex Gazzola investigates what that means, what is available and whether gluten sensitives need it. November 2011

Helpful article in Natural News on supplements and herbs you can take to promote gut healing as a new diagnosed coeliac/gluten intolerant. December 2011

Gluten-free 'play clay' or 'playdough' in multiple colours with aromatherapy scents! From December 2011

Danger foods for coeliacs. Good post on August 2011

Interesting article on the Gluten Free Works site on the current state of 'gluten free' legislation in the US which is not currently covered by the Codex 'less than 20ppm' code. February 2011

Prescription restrictions. Coeliac UK's position. August 2011

Coeliac disease training for US pharmacists. July 2011

Coeliac disease: what you need to know. Alex Gazzola on why he wrote his new book for coeliacs. May 2011

Coeliac disease can cause obsessive compulsive disorder and tics. Carolyn and Ian Talty talk about Ian's condition and the book Carolyn wrote to help Ian cope with living on a restricted diet. March 2011

Gluten-free beer. How is it made? How is its gluten content tested? And is it really safe for coeliacs? Sue Cane investigates. January 2011

Could Chelsea Clinton's choice of a gluten-free, vegan wedding cake have a trickle down effect? Lynn Bruno's interesting article in Today. September 2010

Successful trial of the parasite Necator Americanus in coeliacs. October 2009

If you are coeliac, are you prepared for a natural disaster? An excellent blog with suggested emergency rations etc. March 2010

Useful information on gluten-free drugs. June 2010

Avoiding soya sauce, and other useful advice for coeliacs travelling in Japan at Suite 101. June 2010

Preventing iron deficiency on a gluten-free diet. June 2010

Blog interview with drummer Andy Robertson on gluten-free life on the road.
June 2010

Kosher foods for coeliacs. Advice from a paid-up, kosher coeliac! February 2010

Coeliacs of the world – beware your pets! January 2010

Novel preventative and therapeutic treatments for coeliac disease. Alex Gazzola reports on a talk from Dr Julio Bai, of Hospital de Gastroenterología, Buenos Aires, at the recent Gastro2009 conference. November 2009

Little is known about the nutritional sufficiency of the gluten-free diet. Alex Gazzola reports. November 2009

GREAT Healthcare – Coeliac Disease Education. Loretta Jay describes the excellent new educational resource developed by the US-based National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. June 2009

Gluten-free beers. An assessment by Sue Cane. May 2009

Goodbye to the gluten-free diet...: Alex Gazzola examines whether such a headline, as appeared in Italy's La Repubblica, can be justified. February 2009

Making gluten-free bread. An initiation into bread making, and how to use this knowledge of how the ingredients work together to make your own delicious gluten-free loaves. By Lucinda Bruce Gardyne. October 2008

More gluten-free grains. Pam Harris examines the grains available to people needing to avoid wheat and/or gluten, and where to find them. May 2008

Teff – the gluten-free Ethiopian grain. An introduction to teff, its uses and nutritional benefits to anyone on a gluten- or wheat-free diet, by Michelle Berriedale-Johnson. July 2007.

For RESEARCH REPORTS please click here.


NB Information on this site is not a substitute for medical advice and no liability can be assumed for its use.

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Coeliac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity: A Clinical Perspective.

Study day run by The Academy for Paediatric Gastroenterology and Coeliac UK.
Alex Gazzola reports.

All about Marmite...
Sue Cane investigates whether the
love-it-or-hate-it spread really
is suitable for coeliacs – or not ...

Gluten Summit – the overview
Micki Rose pulls together the findings
of the 2014 Gluten Summit.

Gluten Summit Speakers 5
Leading clinical nutritionist, Dr Liz Lipski
and world authority on autoimmune disease,
Dr Yehuda Schoenfeld.

Gluten Summit Speakers 4

The field specialists: Dr Rodney Ford, gastroenterologist, paediatrician, gluten specialist; Dr David Perlmutter, neurologist, research scientist and Dr Daniel Amen, psychiatrist, brain imaging scientist.

Gluten Summit Speakers 3
Micki Rose reports on Professor Marios Hadjivassiliou (Gluten Related Disorders specialist) and Dr Umberto Volta (Cardiology, internal medicine, immunology)