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Research reports on the management of coeliac disease

Research references are listed, as nearly as possible, by the dates on which the research was first published or brought into the public domain.

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New drug Larazotide acetate appears to make the gut less 'leaky' in patients with coeliac disease undergoing a gluten challenge. November 2014

Australian researchers succesfully use hookworms to reduce symptoms of coeliac disease. September 2014

Increased prevalence of celiac disease in patients with the erosive and reticular form oral lichen planus. August 2014

Delaying the introduction of gluten-containing foods to babiesdoesn't prevent the condition developing, nor does breastfeeding prevent it. September 2014

Lower bifidobacteria counts in adult patients with celiac disease even when on a gluten-free diet. June 2014

Is a gluten-free diet enough to control the complications of celiac disease? September 2014

Gluten-specific enzyme may reduce damage done when coeliac patient exposed to gluten. June 2014

Gluten-free diet relieves 'brain fog' in patients with Celiac disease. June 2014

Trials on the drug larazotide acetate show promise. Larazotide acetate inhibits the action of the protein zonulin in increasing gut permeability. May 2014

Gluten-specific enzyme ALV003 reduces a patient's exposure to gluten and its potential harm – phase 2 study. June 2014

Quinoa safe for those with coeliac disease or on a gluten-free diet – Professors Paul Ciclitera and Victor Zevallos. May 2014

The effects of oats on the function of gut microflora in children with coeliac disease. March 2014

Diversity of oat varieties in eliciting the early inflammatory events in celiac disease. November 2013

Dietitian referral makes little difference to the average coeliac’s adherence to a gluten-free diet or their quality of life. May 2013

Over view of the GFD in daily practice. Adherence to GFDs in CD is limited and factors influencing adherence are poorly understood.  2013

Liver failure unmasks celiac disease in a child. May 2013

Video capsule endoscopy in patients with nonresponsive celiac disease.  May 2013

Researchers discover how to stabilize enzymes in the digestive tract which could offer new therapeutic strategies for conditions such a coeliac disease. Comment here. June 2013

Review of Biocard Coeliac test and Stick CD1 & CD2 tests and their advantags over existing technology. June 2013

Can dietary fibre help provide safer food products for sufferers of gluten intolerance? A well-established biophysical probe may help towards providing an answer. May 2012

Study shows that 40% coeliacs occasionally intentionally consumed gluten during study period;  54% inadvertently consumed it; 29% did not consume it at all. April 2013

New study provides molecular evidence that sorghum is not only safe for those with coeliac disease to consume but has high nutritional value. April 2013

Stem cell transplantation in two coeliac patients results in them achieving gluten tolerance.  April 2013

Living with coeliac disease: a grounded theory study. Gluten-free living entails a substantial restriction of food choice; this impacts on the personal and social identities of coeliacs. Psychosocial interventions to help them cope and adjust may be helpful. March 2013

Meuniere’s disease, osteoarthritis and constipation all relieved by gluten-free diet. January 2013

Researchers move toward developing an enzyme which could break down gluten in the gut and which could be incorporated into pill. This would allow coeliacs to manage their condition by taking an  enzyme before eating gluten in the same way that lactose intolerants can manage theirs by taking a lactase enzyme pill before ingesting lactose sugar. December 2012

Could wheat be biologically manipulated to be gluten free? October 2012
Abstract here; article/comment here.

Study finds that, consumed over one year, oats appear not to have any toxic or immunological effect on coeliacs and that they are, therefore, safe for coeliacs to consume. October 2012

Using gluten-free personal care products and gloves when handling wheat containing foods can reduce eczema symptoms in coeliac patients September 2012

New major wheat food allergen discovered. August 2012

Different varieties of barley less toxic to coeliacs. September 2012

The prevalence of coeliac disease in the US. July 2012

Poor medical follow-up leaves coeliac disease patients on their own. July 2012

Diagnosing non-coeliac wheat sensitivity. Exploring a new clinical entity.
July 2012

Low biopsy rates may be the reason for underdiagnosis of coeliac disease in the US. July 2012

Some quinoa varieties may be unsuitable for strict gluten-free diets. June 2012

A quick cheap accurate test for gluten intolerance. June 2012

53-year-old patient developed Warfarin hypersensitivity due to vitamin K deficiency as a result of malabsorption because of flattened intestinal villi caused by undiagnosed coeliac disease. May 2012

Probiotic bacteria may help in inflammatory bowel disease. April 2012

First global estimates of coeliac disease. July 2011

Probiotics found to reverse the progression of coeliac disease. February 2012

Capsule endoscopy (CE) is an attractive technique for diagnosing disease of the small bowel because it is non-invasive and provides a close and magnified view of the mucosa of the entire small bowel. This research updates the current data on the use of CE for diagnosing vilious atrophy and complications of coeliac disease. Gastroenterology Research and Practice. July 2011

Women with coeliac disease suffer from depression and disordered eating patterns. December 2011

Active packaging tops modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for gluten-free bread’s shelf life. June 2011

Reproductive changes associated with gluten sensitivity. December 2010

Children with coeliac disease have higher rates of emotional and behavioural problems. May 2011

Are patients with coeliac disease seeking alternative therapies to a gluten-free diet? March 2011

Barcode scanner App helps coeliacs. February 2011

Gluten-free diet advised for potential coeliac patients diagnosed by blood tests alone. December 2010

Is breast feeding alone for the first six months really best for the infant? Or is it merely less than ideal for the baby food industry? January 2011

Wheat flour hydrolyzed with sourdough lactobacilli and fungal proteases is safe for coeliacs. October 2010

Consumer understanding on additional labelling terms for foods without cereals containing gluten as ingredients. October 2010

Industry warned over nutritional content of gluten-free products. October 2010

Coeliac children can have low bone density. July 2010

So-called gluten-free foods may not always be so. June 2010

Pro and pre-biotics may help treat coeliac disease. May 2010

Restless leg syndrome common in adults with coeliac disease. April 2010

Coeliac UK provides funding for three new research projects. March 2010

Irish Catholics to receive gluten-free communion wafers now too...
February 2010

Gluten-free summer camp helps coeliac children. March 2010

Arcadia Biosciences to research wheat without gluten. December 2009

Coeliac vaccine a step nearer. January 2009

Bone health in children with coeliac disease. December 2008

Positive results achieved in Phase 1 trials of therapy in development for coeliac disease. November 2008

Gluten-free guide to Italy. July 2008

Make sure that your medication is gluten-free. October 2007

Enzymes offer new hope for coeliacs. October 2006

Checking your bones: osteoporosis and the coeliac. May 2006


Articles on the management of coeliac disease


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