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Coeliacs of the world – beware your pets!

Coeliacs are only too aware that they need not only to avoid eating any gluten-containing foods but, if they are to do safeguard their health properly, they need to avoid all contact with gluten lest they should inadvertently ingest some by licking their fingers etc.

Since most pet food contains gluten either as a main ingredient or as filler (although whether this is actually the healthiest way to feed a carnivorous pet may be open to question) coeliacs also need to take care when handling their pets' food, washing their hands thoroughly after filling dog or cat bowls and not allowing the food to touch their clothing.

However, suggesting that, to avoid any possible contamination from stroking the pet or having it jump on one's lap, coeliacs' pets should also be put on a specialist gluten-free diet sounds like a great bit of marketing hype for the gluten-free pet food industry... A few more bones from the butchers might be a better way...



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